How to install Windows 2019 on Proxmox

Proxmox documentation is exceptional but we have created a quick guide for setting up a Windows host as it’s not the same defaults to be used when setting up Linux.

This article highlights the non defaults.


  1. Download special disk, network, and ballooning drivers here:
  2. In addition to mounting the Windows ISO, also mount that fresh ISO as IDE device #3 (some strange default occurs 3)
  3. Ensure you select QEMU. You always do, don’t you?
  4. So here are interesting disk settings:
    •  Set “Write back” as cache option for best performance
    • Tick “Discard” to optimally use disk space (TRIM)
  5. Driver location on CD:
    1. Hard disk: vioscsi\2k19\amd64
    2. Network: NetKVM\2k19\amd64
    3. Memory Balloon: Balloon\2k19\amd64
  6. Choose SCSI bus as you normally would for the disk
  7. Choose this network device: VirtIO (paravirtualized)

Proxmox Wizard Steps

If you are import an existing QCOW2, then you probably only need the Proxmox wizard stuff to fill in:

  1. General Tab
    • Name
  2. OS Tab
    • Do not use any media
    • Guest OS: Microsoft Windows version 10/2016/2019
  3. System Tab
    • Tick Qemu Agent
  4. Hard Disk Tab
    • Bus/Device: SCSI. That will default next line to VirtIO SCSI
    • Storage: raid1 or whatever volume you decide on
    • Cache: Write back
    • Discard: Tick this
  5. CPU
  6. Memory
  7. Network
    • VirtIO (paravirtualized)

Original Guide

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