How to disable ConfigServer Firewall on WHM’s LFD blocked emails


ConfigServer Firewall on WHM is incredibly noisy. To the point that you have to set up so many email rules just to be on top of the situation it’s almost better just to turn off some of these notifications. Especially if you’re never going to get around to looking at them.

To configure “blocked” and “blocked permanently” follow the advice below:

Firewall settings




Account:      mongod
Resource:     Process Time
Exceeded:     962038 > 1800 (seconds)

Make it 0


Suspicious process

Make it 0


Here you will see the following parameters:

  • LF_EMAIL_ALERT – sends an email alert if an IP address is blocked by one of the triggers.
  • LF_PERMBLOCK_ALERT – sends an email alert if an IP address is permanently blocked. This happens if the IP address has been temporarily blocked more than a few times (to configure, use LF_PERMBLOCK_COUNT).


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