The trials and tribulations of the Windows 10 Mail App Client – Advanced Settings

Ah bless Microsoft. They’ve chucked whatever it was called before and created a nice new minimalist email client for Windows 10 users who don’t want to shell out for Outlook and Office.

In their effort they might have gone slightly overboard – it’s really very basic and quite a few things are omitted from what would be in most other email clients.

The one we miss most – AUTODISCOVER / AUTOCONFIG to help the 1000s of help desk staff help clients help themselves. Help help help!

So be warned, when configuring your email using the Windows 10 Mail App, do not just use the wizard. Follow this route instead:

1. Launch the Windows Mail app and navigate to Settings > Manage Accounts > Add account > Advanced

    Setup > Internet email.

2. Enter the required credentials and sign in.

3. Follow the below steps to change settings for a particular account on Mail app.

Now if you’re not using something standard like WHM/cPanel or a perfectly configured Virtualmin (Postfix with SNI) server, then follow the additional steps below:

4. Navigate to Settings Manage Accountsclick on the account.

5. Click on Change mailbox sync settings and Advanced mailbox settings.

6. Try entering the port numbers for the Incoming and Outgoing email server, check the authentication and other settings on the menu.

Additional Tips

  • If it doesn’t work out don’t stare at it for the timeout, because you will wait very long. Just cancel, and try again.
  • Try Thunderbird, it has autodiscover built-in.


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