How to upgrade an XFS file system hosted on KVM

In our example, hosts are named host.example.com_ip_address but you might well be using a different convention.

Shut down the host

SSH the hypervisor

Check all running VMs

virsh list

Check the running VM’s block list and identify the disk name (name of the file of the VM)

virsh domblklist host.example.com_ip_address
Target Source
vda /var/lib/libvirt/images/
hda -

Stop the running VM

virsh shutdown host.example.com_ip_address
Domain host.example.com_ip_address is being shutdown

Wait a while. virsh list should tell you once it’s finally shutdown. It goes from running to in shutdown and then it’s off the list.

Make the host hypervisor disk bigger:

qemu-img resize +50G
Image resized.

Start the host again

virsh start host.example.com_ip_address
Domain host.example.com_ip_address started

Log into the VM (SSH to the VM)

Examine the disk layout. There are too many commands to do this, and here is a subset. Examining the disk is just so that you can orientate yourself and entirely optional.

fdisk -l / lsblk / pvdisplay / pvs / vgs / vgdisplay

Run all the disk resizing commands

  • parted /dev/vda
    • resizepart
    • 100%
  • pvresize /dev/vda2
    • You should see `1 physical volume(s) resized or updated`
  • xfs_growfs /
  • lvextend -r -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/cl-root
    • You should see `Size of logical volume cl/root changed from 245.02 GiB (62726 extents) to 295.02 GiB (75526 extents).`



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