WordPress want to install itself instead of displaying the actual site

If you find that WordPress is redirecting to the install script (called install.php) instead of serving the actual site, this could mean that there is a problem with your database or with recognizing your database.

Here are 5 possible solutions courtesy of Accu Web Hosting that might address this problem:

1. Check if wp-config.php exists

Have a quick look into your WordPress files and make sure that wp-config.php does exist also check this file is not misspelled in the name or the extension.

2. Check database connection details

Open wp-config.php file in editor and make sure that database name, username, password are correct. Check if table prefix in wp-config.php file matches with what you have in your database (case-sensitive).

3. Check wp_options table

Navigate to wp_options table and check values of the siteurl and home. You may need to update them if your domain name has changed.

4. Try database table repair

Try repairing WordPress database tables by referring to our knowledgebase article.

5. Restore WordPress database

If any of above solutions do not work for you, try restoring WordPress database from the latest backup you have. You can also ask your web host to restore the WordPress database for you.


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