Basic Asterisk Troubleshooting – checking service, SIP Peers (trunk), and extensions

This is a document that assists with the troubleshooting of an Asterisk based PABX that is not working properly.

It was done based on a FreePBX installation, but it could work with most Asterisk installations as Asterisk is command line driven. The only problem you may encouter here is that some of these commands to not work on some versions of Asterisk, e.g. MikoPBX.

Check Channels

Core Show Channels

Check if the service is running

Do this using SSH

service asterisk status

Check if a SIP trunk is registered

Log in to the PABX:

asterisk -rv


pjsip show registrations

Much older installations:

sip show peers

Look for Online

Check which extensions are registered

asterisk -rv
core show hints

Look for `State:Idle`


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