KVM Cheat Sheet

KVM Cheat Sheet

List of VMs

virsh list


Requested operation is not valid: cannot resize the maximum memory on an active domain

To increase the memory size:

virsh setmaxmem <vm_name> <memsize> --config
virsh setmem <vm_name> <memsize> --config

For online configuration:

You can set the vCPU and memory while the VM is running with --current instead of --config, but the new numbers has to be within the maximum values already set. You can not set these maximum numbers while the VM is running. You will have to shutdown the VM with virsh shutdown <vm_name>, use the above command and start back the VM with virsh start <vm_name>.

Enable shared memory greyed out

Specify if the virtual machine can use shared memory via the memfd backed. It is a requirement for using the virtiofs file system. Find more details in https://libvirt.org/kbase/virtiofs.html.




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