What is the yarn equivalent of npm install?

Cheat Sheet — What you need to know

  • npm install === yarn
    Install is the default behavior.
  • npm install taco --save === yarn add taco
    The Taco package is saved to your package.jsonimmediately.
  • npm uninstall taco --save === yarn remove taco
    —-savecan be defaulted in NPM by npm config set save true but this is non-obvious to most developers. Adding and removing from package.jsonis default in Yarn.
  • npm install taco --save-dev === yarn add taco --dev
  • npm update --save === yarn upgrade
    Great call on upgrade vs update, since that is exactly what it is doing! Version number moves, upgrade is happening!
    *WARNING* npm update --save seems to be kinda broken in 3.11
  • npm install taco@latest --save === yarn add taco
  • npm install taco --global === yarn global add taco
    As always, use global flag with care.




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