How to use an SSH tunnel and a SOCKS proxy to browse via another Linux box


Certain mail black delisting services such as Project Honeypot requires you to access their delisting page from the IP address of the machine that was infected. This article presents a technique of accessing a another computer from your own computer and using the other computer IP address to browse. This is a useful technique not only for Project Honeypot, but also for anyone who wants to hide their identity or who is busy with complex troubleshooting. The technical term to achieve this with Linux is called using a SSH tunnel and a SOCKS proxy.

How to create an SSH tunnel and SOCKS Proxy to Assume Another Identity

First connect to the remote machine of which IP you want to assume

ssh -p22 -D 9090 -N -f [email protected]

Next set up Firefox to use a SOCKS proxy

  • Firefox Menu/Preferences
  • Scroll down till kingdom come
  • Network Settings
  • Manual proxy configuration
  • SOCKS Host port 9090
  • Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5

Great! Now when you use Firefox your IP address will be that of the remote machine.


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