How to recover/reset forgotten Gnome Keyring Password?

What is a Linux Keyring?

A Linux keyring is a system component that securely stores and manages sensitive information such as passwords, authentication tokens, and encryption keys.

Why would you want to remove it?

The operating system keyring password can be a pain in the butt. Every time your computer starts or at times when you want to perform a certain operation, a modal prompt appears and one has to type this “extra” password.

Fact is most people don’t understand it and even for some power users it’s just an annoyance. Also beginner users can be super confused between operating system, system, and email passwords, nevermind the number of other amount of passwords one has to try remember. Basically, welcome to password hell for beginners.

With all that drama out of the way, let’s now move on to how to recover / reset the GNOME keyring password.

Run the command below. Next time instead of asking for your existing keyring password, the operating system will give you an opportunity to enter a new password. Go ahead – make it blank – and never have this hassle again. Ah, blissful computing.

rm ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring


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