How to keep your Virtualmin Control Panel up to date

We live in an age where software needs to always be up to date. You can avoid huge pain and hassle by always keeping your systems up to date. There are exceptions, especially where you have a delicate server or software balance, but 98% of other time it will be in your interest to be up to date.

If you’re using the Virtualmin Control Panel, there is a really easy way.

Navigate to:


On ‘Check for updates on schedule?’ choose every hour. This might seem excessive but you will be the last one standing when a security patch is updated and you were patched in the last hour.

Choose ‘Install any updates’.

This is similar to updating your Windows software, e.g. Windows Update. Do you only want to update just the Windows operating system? Nope, you want to update Word and Excel too.

Remember this is the internet, so if by off chance your stock software is updated and it breaks something, the chances of 1000s of other people experiencing is the same. You will be fine.

Otherwise, if you’re too scared, just choose ‘Install security updates’.

Now go and relax and do something away from the screen. Your server is henceforth always up to date.

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