How to set up a CRON Job in Virtualmin

To setup a CRON in Virtualmin, you use the Webmin portion of the interface.

This tutorial covers how to setup a Cron job. Cron is a service for executing scheduled commands.

It assumes you have first logged into Virtualmin.

  1. Click Webmin on the top-left.
  2. Click System.
  3. Click Scheduled Cron Jobs.
  4. Click Create a new scheduled cron job.
  5. Choose the user to run as, and input the username in Execute cron job as. To run as the administrative user, input root . Root should only be used for global commands, we mostly recommend you use a specific user.
  6. Enter the command to run into the Command field. For example, if you want to receive a list of all running processes, enter ps auxw for the command.
  7. Normally, you can skip Input to command. That’s only used if your command requires input after it begins running.
  8. Choose how frequently to run your command. By default, it will execute Hourly, meaning it will execute at the top of the hour, every hour.
  9. To enable the Cron job, click Create.

Any output will be emailed to the root user.


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