How to install an older version of WHM


You’re doing disaster recovery and you need to install an older version of WHM.

The reason is you have legacy PHP 7.4 websites, that will “never” be upgraded. Yada yada yes yes we know security problems, but unfortunately, as a bulk reseller and successful host, you can’t control every single website in your domain. Many clients after 10 years loose their web designers and since things are working, and re-designs and upgrades of websites expensive, this is not a trivial situation.

So you’re using Ubuntu 20.04 because you have these legacy PHP 7.4 websites. You’ve already tried installing ondrej on Ubuntu 22.04, it doesn’t work anymore because 7.4 is out of support April 2024 and ondrej doesn’t support out of support versions, like we have to.

So now you install WHM “latest” but it bombs telling you only WHM version 11.20 cannot be installed on Ubuntu 20.04.


cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest –tier=118

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