Supermicro IPMI / IKVM – fatal error cannot grant permissions on unsigned jars

Trying to get Super Micro legacy IKVM working error might produce the following error:

fatal error cannot grant permissions on unsigned jars

This was a convoluted mess whereby you have to ditch you Mac and revert to Linux. It took me about 5 hours to get it right.

Once you have Linux up and running, you might also have to change a bunch of security settings.

Whilst pursuing this on Mac, you might have to install legacy version of Java from Oracle for Apple Silicon. Yes, this actually exists. Also the general recommendation was to use OpenWebStart because apparently Iced Tea is no longer. So lots of confusion deprecated rabbit holes. Also, on Mac, the Java control panel is in System Preferences and there you have to add site exceptions.

It seems at the heart of the problem is Iced Tea only work with Java 8, and then you still have to fiddle.

I got far on the Mac, but in spite of giving more giving .jar permissions I still had a bunch of problems. On the Mac, this is the directory where you can update the file:

/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/lib/security

So back to the the Linux box:

Determine Java home:

$(dirname $(dirname $(readlink -f $(which javac))))

Then disable certain security, by commenting sections out as per some of these articles:

Then you’re stuck here:

Downloading ATEN Java iKVM Viewer: 0% Complete.

The final breakthrough was don’t use Chrome, but use Firefox. Thanks Xneelo:

More references:

I hope I don’t have to ever do this again.


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