How to get Debian ARM64 (Mac M Silicon) running on a Mac

This is easy. Just install UTM then select your Debian ISO.



Install Cinnamon

sudo apt -y install cinnamon

Install SSH

sudo apt install ssh

How to get it to boot from the new disk

Just drag and drop the USB disk below the hard disk.

How to move the disk to external USB

Right click the VM and then move to your external storage.


sudo apt install firefox-esr -y

Install Qemu Spice

apt install qemu-guest-agent
apt install spice-vdagent
service spice-vdagent start

Install Gnome Software

apt install gnome-software

Install vs-code

Install MC & Wget

apt install mc
apt install wget

Common Commands

service = systemctl

shutdown = systemctl poweroff

reboot = systemctl reboot

or try apt install systemd-sysv

su - root to use dkpg -i

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