How to convert a qemu file to QCOW2 for export on a Proxmox host


If you have a Proxmox host and you want to export a VM, you have the option of converting to a QCOW2 file. This article is an outline of the procedure.

On the Proxmox Server

We created a temporary working directory called /root/vm.import

You also need the unique ID in Proxmox as you have to interrogate it’s disk setup.

cd /root/vm.import/
qm config 105

This will produce output of the disk configuration, which we’ll use in the next command. In the output look for scsi0:

scsi0: raid1:vm-105-disk-1,size=20G


pvesm path raid1:vm-105-disk-1


qemu-img convert -O qcow2 -f raw /dev/raid1/vm-105-disk-1 ./

On your Workstation (in this case, Linux Mint)

Now grab that file using SCP. Note the extra ‘.’ at the end.

cd ~/Downloads
scp root@proxmox-server:/root/vm.import/ .

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