New Apple Mac Cheat Sheet

New Apple Mac Cheat Sheet

This is a cheat sheet for Linux users who have just unwrapped a new Mac.

Brew or Otherwise

One dilemma you’ll face is software can be installed by Brew or downloaded. It seems there is quite the difference at times so choose your poison wisely.

Visual Studio Code


  • Turn on Auto-Save
  • Rust-Analyzer
    • brew install libiconv
    • brew install cairo


Change Mac hostname

Avoid Process completed after closing terminals.

In Terminal Preferences, in Profiles pane select the Profile you use (should say “default” under it’s name), select sub-pane Shell and change «When the shell exits:» to «Close if the shell exited cleanly». It will not hide the [Process completed] message, but will close the window if exit code was successful.


.composer/vendor/bin to path




Oh My

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"




Keyboard Mappings

Remap Control and the Windows key:

For more advanced mappings, try Karabiner-Elements

Remap Alt Tab

Don’t. Just use command tab.

Remap Control-C / Control V

Don’t. Use Command-C / Command V.

Change Mouse Orientation

It’s called Natural Scrolling in Settings. Turn it off.

Remap End Key


Set default programs to Chrome

Do it in Chrome

Remap control right arrow for scrolling over words


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