How to resize an Ubuntu partition on Google Cloud Engine


Google Cloud Engine makes it super simple to resize your disk and it can be done online.

Step one is in the the user interface to find your VM instance’s disk. Sometimes just finding something is Google can be an utter nightmare so we’re listing a shortcut here:

On the left hand side, looks for Disks.

Click the disk name in question. Click Edit

Change the size and click Save.

Next we’re quoting and summarizing from a section from your their manual, “Resizing a zonal persistent disk“. Yep, leave it to those Google Doctorates to choose the most illogical name for something rather simple.

Follow this guide, but if something looks amiss or doesn’t produce output as would be expected, rather follow their guide. You don’t want to break you disk, and you have backups, right?


ssh to server and do df -h to see what’s going on

pick your target, e.g. /dev/sda1

growpart /dev/sda 1              [note the space between sda and 1]

resize2fs /dev/sda1               [note NO space between sda and 1]

df -h to check your work. Well done soldier. Now get on with your other work.


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