How to install Nextcloud All In One on a Proxmox VM

Back Story

This is a quick howto with a table of contents to show how to install Nextcloud AIO.

Now as to the question why “All-in-One” and Docker, the answer is probably because it’s simpler. Nextcloud is powerful, and anything to do with “simple install” is a big plus.

Why this document when the instructions are here already?

The official instructions are there, but polluted for the average non-technical user or busy administrator who just needs the recipe for a default install. All that stuff about reverse proxying and so on could be shortcut by simply saying it should be done on a clean installation. Also the default instructions doesn’t mention which OS to use, so that would leave another non-technical user guessing.

System Requirements

For system requirements, note this document:

Minimal system requirements: When any optional container is enabled, at least 2GB RAM, a dual-core CPU and 40GB system storage are required. When enabling ClamAV, Nextcloud Talk Recording-server or Fulltextsearch, at least 3GB RAM are required. For Talk Recording-server additional 2 vCPUs are required. When enabling everything, at least 5GB RAM and a quad-core CPU are required. Recommended are at least 1GB more RAM than the minimal requirement. For further advices and recommendations see this documentation

Clone the Ubuntu LTS Imagine

(optional if you’re running Proxmox)

Make sure Cloud-init is correct for your public key when closing this image, otherwise you won’t be able to log on.

Make sure you have enough disk space after the clone is done.

Ensure the IP address and hostname is correct.

Install Docker

curl -fsSL | sudo sh

Install Nextcloud Containers

# For Linux and without a web server or reverse proxy (like Apache, Nginx, Cloudflare Tunnel and else) already in place:
sudo docker run \
--init \
--sig-proxy=false \
--name nextcloud-aio-mastercontainer \
--restart always \
--publish 80:80 \
--publish 8080:8080 \
--publish 8443:8443 \
--volume nextcloud_aio_mastercontainer:/mnt/docker-aio-config \
--volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro \

Continue in  Nextcloud to Finish the Installation

Initial startup of Nextcloud All-in-One complete!
You should be able to open the Nextcloud AIO Interface now on port 8080 of this server!


Make a note of the important password

On the next page it will ask for the hostname of your server. Make sure this is correct.

On the next page you probably don’t need Collabora and Nextcloud Talk, so deselect both. You’d want image previewing though.

My system prompted to install Nextcloud 27 or click to install 28. I installed 28.


Next you wait short while. You can refresh the containers to see if all is green (6 things in my system)

Make a note of second important password (the admin one)

Log into Nextcloud






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2 thoughts on “How to install Nextcloud All In One on a Proxmox VM”

  1. Hello dear friend! I’m lost on the part where i have to give the hostname of my server to continue because i don’t have a public domain and tried to follow local-instance official doc steps but had a pretty hard time because it’s really confusing for a noob like me. Question, did u use a public domain?

    1. Eugène van der Merwe

      Hi there Nicholas,

      Yes, I used a public domain. I find with things like SSL and Let’s Encrypt, it’s just so much easier.

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