WHMCS Payment Gateways for South Africa

Looking for a payment gateway for WHMCS in South Africa?

WHMCS has no official support for recurring payment systems in South Africa, but a few companies are providing local support.

Payfast has developed a module that can be used with WHMCS:

It’s not great, but seems to work most of the time. Problems include duplicate button, “Processing…” text that never disappears and confusion as to where to click. Also navigating away from your site isn’t ideal but that’s how Payfast works. Having said that Payfast as a service is fantastic, it’s just their WHMCS implementation isn’t that great.

On the WHMCS marketplace, there is a MyGate WHMCS gateway:
Seems fairly extensive but haven’t used it yet. R1300 and R450 p/y for ongoing updates of the module.seems a bit dear but who knows? Perhaps every year the module is updated an improved in which case it would be fine.

If you’re solely after debit orders try Debitize:

Some folks¬† are using 2Checkout. It’s unclear if you take money in Rands or dollars. Or Rands that are converted to dollars.

Paypal works, but it’s a pain because although you can charge in Rands, it has to do a converstion to dollars to your clients are never charged exactly the price on your website. Conversion is automatic though so you don’t have to worry about that.

For a list of official WHMCS plugins, see here:


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