How to configure BIND from scratch for a Plesk Slave DNS server and still use Virtualmin Slaves

Configuring Plesk multi DNS server is a breeze accept for setting the Bind permissions.

Configuring Virtualmin Slave DNS servers is also fairly easy if you’ve done it a few times.

A confusing situation arises when you use the same slave server for both products.

The reason why this is a mission is because of the confusion array of configuration files and where to put what, especially the keys used for Plesk. Also you don’t want to break a working Virtualmin configuration.

The three primary configuration files that you will be working on are:

  • cat /etc/bind/rndc.conf.options
  • cat /etc/bind/rndc.key
  • cat /etc/bind/named.conf.options

To get yourself oriented, login to the Plesk Slave server configuration screen and look at the new slave server configuration landing page:



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Allow new zones

Add allow-new-zones yes; to /etc/bind/named.conf.options. Add it to the bottom with a comment.

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Copy algorithm and secret

The algorithm suggested is hmac-md5. Your Virtualmin slave server might already be using hmac-sha256. Be sure to use hmac-md5. This you will find in rndc.key. Do not copy as per slave wizard on Ubuntu. You can uncomment the old algorithm and secret.

Warning: You don’t have to specify a new key name!

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The final step is to update named.conf, and not named.conf.options!

Add the sections as per the slave config.






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