Virtualmin – renaming domains – best practices

Renaming a domain in Virtualmin might occur during troubleshooting or because you need to actually refer to the domain by a new name.

Thankfully the process of renaming a domain in Virtualmin seems pretty resilient but take care that your renaming is consistent as when you rename a domain there are three other radio buttons prompting for information. It’s very easy to overlook these three buttons and get yourself in a bind or even worse, on a shared server, sit with inconsistent information. The three items you have to take note of are:

a. Administration username
b. Home directory 
c. User name suffix and group

Make sure that if you change your domain name, that you sensibly chose the top three options buttons. For example, you might want to check A & B by default as it would make more sense to keep those in line with the domain name, but then you have to also remember the risk that your database username might be changed. So be careful, but work towards consistency.

Happy hosting!


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