How to modernize the default Virtualmin email template

The default Virtualmin template is out of date. In this article we post a modern and more up to date version, and also the outdated one:

Your mailbox has been set up successfully as follows :

Email address: ${MAILBOX}@${DOM}
IMAP login: ${USER}
IMAP password: ${PLAINPASS}
Incoming server: mail.${DOM}
Outgoing server: mail.${DOM}

Use your IMAP login and password to send both incoming AND outgoing email.

Generally speaking you don’t have to specify any ports more because we have auto configuration enabled.

Some email clients do not support auto configuration in case which case the setting below are good defaults:

Incoming: IMAP/S 993
Outgoing SMTP Secure 465  (SSL)

Our server supports all the email ports listed below:

  • IMAP 143
  • IMAP Secure 993 (SSL)
  • POP 110
  • POP3 Secure 995 (SSL)
  • SMTP Secure 465 (SSL)
  • Submission / SMTP 587 (STARTTLS)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Changes Made From Default Template

  • POP3 removed because it’s not device friendly in terms of portability
  • FTP removed because it confuses the client
  • All other ports listed by number
  • Blurb about auto configuration
  • Clarity that username and password must be used on outgoing
  • Sample customer service friendly message added

Out of date version:

Your mailbox has been set up successfully as follows :

Email address: ${MAILBOX}@${DOM}
POP3 login: ${USER}
POP3 password: ${PLAINPASS}
SMTP server: mail.${DOM}
POP3 server: mail.${DOM}
FTP login: Enabled
Home directory: ${HOME}
FTP login: Disabled

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