Unable to copy / paste in VMware Workstation 16 Player


  • Default install of VMware Workstation 16 Player
  • Default install of Windows 10 Professional

Issue #1

Copy/Paste, ie. the kindergarden of computing, doesn’t work.

Suggestion to install VMware tools.

Issue #2

In the VMware Workstation UI, the Virtual Machine / Install VMware Tools… menu is disabled

Issue #3

Found link on VMware website to install VMware tools which is needed to complete this operation. Link behind registration.

Be careful when you fill in the form because their forms is designed so that when you make a correction advertising is switched on again automatically.

Unable to copy paste in VMware Workstation 16 Player


Go through the registration sequence and you’ll end up with copy/paste. Hurray for 2021 computing from VMware.

Link to tools (but follow the train):

Total Time Taken

Something like copy / paste should take 10 seconds, it took me 15 minutes to get this rather technical task done. Pity the poor new computer users who want to copy / paste.




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