Python quit unexpectedly using Virtual Machine Manager on Mac

Whilst using Virtual Machine Manager on a Mac to access KVM VMs, you might encounter the following error:

Python quit unexpectedly

The top of your report will look like this:

Translated Report (Full Report Below)

Process: Python [22534]
Path: /opt/homebrew/*/Python.framework/Versions/3.12/Resources/
Identifier: org.python.python
Version: 3.12.0 (3.12.0)
Code Type: ARM-64 (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [1]
Responsible: Terminal [1435]
User ID: 501

Date/Time: 2024-01-08 09:19:02.0621 +0200
OS Version: macOS 14.2.1 (23C71)
Report Version: 12
Anonymous UUID: 2965A1F6-D39E-BD9E-707A-58CBA0427622

Sleep/Wake UUID: 9AFCDC99-054A-4406-836F-C568C43345C8

Time Awake Since Boot: 49000 seconds
Time Since Wake: 3890 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000110
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000110

Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 11 Segmentation fault: 11
Terminating Process: exc handler [22534]

VM Region Info: 0x110 is not in any region. Bytes before following region: 4335419120

This has very much to do with Python not being installed properly for Mac.

The actual command that triggers this is:

virt-manager --connect='qemu+ssh://[email protected]/system?socket=/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock'

The original recipe to get this working is here:


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