How to test PPTP VPNs from the command line using Ubuntu

Many Windows servers still use Point to Point Tunneling Protocol. It’s tried and tested, but apparently not that secure. MacOS removed it because it’s obsolete.

However, if you are a technical person having the ability to troubleshoot PPtP is a life saver. This is especially true as /var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages might have too much information or just not enough. Also filtering /var/log/syslog is tricky if you’re not that familiar with egrep.

Here is the quick way to troubleshoot a PPTP connection, by way of emulation. That means, let’s create a new connection, and then run some debugging.

How to create a new VPN connection from the command line

sudo pptpsetup --create MYVPN --server --username username --password password

How to debug a PPPTP connection from the command line

sudo pppd call MYVPN debug dump logfd 2 updetach


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