How to install a CloudFlare origin server SSL certificate into Virtualmin


If your Virtualmin website is using Cloudflare as a proxy you can’t use the standard Let’s Encrypt HTTP method to request a fresh certificate. The way to go is to create a Cloudflare SSL/TLS Origin Server Certificate. The steps to complete are first at CloudFlare and then at Virtualmin. We have the steps and two screenshots below.

  • At Cloudflare:
    • Create Certificate at Cloudflare
    • Save the Private Key to a temporary location like a notepad. You’ll only see it once.
    • Save the Public Key to a temporary location too.

  • Now at Virtualmin:
    • Update Certificate and Key
    • Upload Public and Private keys and be careful to also select Pasted text radio button.
    • Finally, go to CA Certificate and specify none. Since this is a self-signed SSL certificate you don’t need a CA anymore and anyway it will clash.

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