How to use LibreNMS to do HTTP/S checks

LibreNMS is a networking monitoring solution. That generally means SNMP. However, LibreNMS supports Nagios plugins and as such you can easily configure it to also monitor HTTPS. To do this, service monitoring must be enabled. Once enabled, you’ll see a new menu.


cat /opt/librenms/config.php | grep show_services
apt install nagios-plugins

Check HTTP:

/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_http -H -S -p 443 
HTTP OK: HTTP/1.1 200 OK - 263997 bytes in 0.192 second response time |time=0.191574s;;;0.000000;10.000000 size=263997B;;;0

Now add a dummy device and turn off SNMP and ping:

Go to settings, Misc, to turn off ping.

Remote host must be the website you’re checking.

Use this for parameters:

-E -S -p 443


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