How to install phpMyAdmin on a Laravel Forge Server


Installing phpMyAdmin on a Laravel Forge server can be an enormous challenge. One would image you can just specify phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin as the repo and leave the default branch as master, but alas, no such luck.

This article documents a manual way of doing it by cloning the latest phpMyAdmin repository. It’s a three step process:

  1. Clone
  2. Move files up
  3. composer install

1. The phpMyAdmin repository is at To find out what the latest version is, click on the branch dropdown:

Then create a new site in Forge. Then clone using the latest QA branch:

[email protected]:~/$ git clone --depth=1 --branch=QA_5_0 git://

2. This will clone it into the phpmyadmin folder. If you prefer to have it in the index, move all the files one level up.

3. Run composer install



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