How to migrate/export a cPanel website to Virtualmin

The procedure below shows you what to do on the cPanel side if you want to export a cPanel website to Virtualmin. Once you have the backup on the Virtualmin side, you can easily import the site by going to the Virtualmin Add Servers, Migrate Virtual Server Option. This menu allows you to easily import backups from cPanel, Ensim, DirectAdmin, Plesk 7,8, and 9+, and LXadmin.

On the cPanel side:

Login to cPanel.

Navigate to "Backups".

Select "Full Backup".

"Destination", select "SCP".
"notification email", input an email address where you can receive email about completion of backup.
"server" field, input the IP address of your Virtualmin Server on a Vultr VPS.
"user" field, input: root
"password" field, input the root password.
"port", input: 22
"folder", input: /root

Please note in order to successfully transfer / migrate a cPanel website to Virtualmin you need the cPanel’s website password.

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