How to install Virtualmin on Ubuntu 18.04 or CentOS 7

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Instructions

Three steps are required:

ssh to server


sh install sh

You’re done!

CentOS Instructions

This section explains how to install the Virtualmin Control Panel on Linux CentOS 7.

First bring the operating system up to date:

yum -y update

This might take a while if it’s a fresh CentOS installation.

Next use the WGET utility to download the virtualmin install script:

wget -O /tmp/

Then make the script executable:

[root@vps01 ssh]# chmod +x /tmp/

Now run it:

[root@vps01 ssh]# sh /tmp/

You may see the message below, and more, which is all good because Virtualmin will take care of installing all prerequisites for a LAMP stack.

Perl was not found on your system - Virtualmin requires it to run.
Attempting to install it now.
Welcome to the Virtualmin GPL installer, version 6.0.11

If you get errors, you can view the log file here:

cat /root/virtualmin-install.log



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