How to enable SSL for a Virtualmin Website using Let’s Encrypt

SSL is absolutely the norm now so you need to enable it for your website. The default setting on a freshly installed Virtualmin server doesn’t activate SSL for every hosting package.

To fix it per site, go to:

Virtualmin Tab, pick your website from the dropdown box.

Click Edit Virtual Server.

Click Enabled Features, and make sure that Apache SSL website enabled? is checked.

Click Save Virtual Server.

Once it’s enabled on the virtual server, you will still have to install an SSL certificate.

With Virtualmin is easy and if you decide on using the built-in Let’s Encrypt it’s totally free.

The basic difference between the free version of an SSL certificate and a paid for one is the paid the businesses that sell it as Thawte and Verisign would actually verify your company address, ownership, etc, whereas the free ones merely provide encryption. For 95% of businesses and websites, this will be fine.

To install an SSL certificate:

Click Server Configuration, SSL Server Certificate.

Make sure ‘Domains associated with this server’ looks right, otherwise put the correct domain names in Domain Names Listed Here. If you have subdomains you might have weird prefixes like www.subdomain.subdomain. Make sure only relevant prefixes are present. It’s okay if you get it wrong as the wizard will give you some indication where it failed.

Make sure ‘Months between automatic renewal’ is set to 2 which is anyway the default. Let’s Encrypt Certificates have to be renewed every three months, but by using Virtualmin and this setting everything will happen automatically every two months.

Contact us if you have any questions or need help.

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