Which additional packages does Midnight Commander like? (2021 version)

Update 2021

Midnight Commander is still our favourite Linux file browse and copy utility.

How to compress selected files

  1. Select them
  2. Press F2
  3. Press the ‘@’ sign
  4. Use this command:
7z a ARCHIVE_NAME.7z %s

What extra packages does Midnight Commander like?

If you want your Midnight Commander to have the maximum amount of functionality, installed these optional packages.

The pipe | links mean either|or so pick one that you prefer.

This is from 2019

arj catdvi | texlive-binaries dbview djvulibre-bin genisoimage gv libaspell-dev links | w3m | lynx odt2txt poppler-utils python-boto python-tz xpdf | pdf-viewer

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